Our Craftsmanship

Points of sale of traditional industry products

01 – House of Crafts in Ouled Yaish:It contains 22 shops for traditional industry and handicrafts, which organize various art handicraft products.These shops are characterized by being production workshops, for the most part and the most important (leather goods, traditional jewelry making, traditional confectionery industry, modern and traditional clothing industry, embroidery and sewing).

02- The traditional space in the Hammam Melouan spa resort:The tourist area in Hammam Melouan is the destination of many families for feverish tourism, and entertainment in the middle of nature, and for this there are many kiosks and small shops selling products related to the region, the most important of which are ( traditional preparation of dairy products, preparation of traditional cheeses, traditional bread, sale of traditional soaps, cosmetics based on natural herbs

03- Souk al-Arab, Bab al-Rahba, Blida:This market is located in the heart of the municipality of Blida, is considered one of the oldest known markets in the state of Blida, which makes it a destination for artisans to display their various products and organizes among its corridors all traditional industry, whether artistic, production or traditional service.

04- Shops selling traditional products with cheffa straps:These shops are located on the road linking Blida and Médéa, and along the road are shops selling pottery and household utensils in clay, ceramics and copper.

The important handicrafts of the wilaya of Blida
ceramic work
copper industry
Manufacture of precious and non-precious jewelry
traditional cheese making
Work on flowers and natural plants
Artificial flowers and plants industry
Traditional and modern confectionery industry
traditional clothing industry
ceramic industry
artistic woodworking industry
leather industry
Extraction of essential and vegetable oils